Benagil Cave Tour On Private Boat



A luxury charter to visit the famous Benagil Cave is a favourite for all visiting the Algarve.

Located on the Algarve coastline it is famous for its dramatic appearance and the magical hole in the ceiling that allows the sunlight to pierce through and shine on the sands inside the cave.  

Taking a luxury yacht to Benagil cave has many advantages and given the distance the minimum duration for a cruise to Benagil Cave is 4 hours, this allows us to passby many other beautiful caves and rock formations on the way.  With a 4 hour cruise we spend more time exploring the coastline , can stop for a swim , enjoy the paddles boards and snorkeling equipment. 

We can also offer an extended version where you can hire the yacht for the full day from 10h – 17 , Benagil is also a great stopping point for full day cruises. On the full day we can stop for lunch at a wonderful restaurant on the beach and even try out some watersports. To upgrade to the full day CLICK HERE


Yacht : Sunseeker, Fairline or Atlantis

Cruise :  Duration 4 Hours

Capacity :  Up to 10 Guests

Crew : 1 Skipper and 1 Crew Member

Fuel : Fully Inclusive


Drinks :  Champagne, Wine and Beer

WIFI :  Free Onboard

Snacks : Fruit and Nibbles

Snorkelling :  Full Face Masks

Towels :  Complimentary Towels

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