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Luxury Boats Algarve Sitemap

Algarve Corporate Boat Charter

Algarve Corporate Boat Charters are the perfect Experience and Location for a Product Launch, Corporate Yacht Charter Event or need to impress special clients in beautiful and sunny surroundings as provided by the Algarve Coastline Caves and Rock Formations. Algarve Corporate Boat Charter – Algarve Group Activities Champagne Cruises Vilamoura are the top Algarve Corporate Boat Charter specialists, here to assist you in creating the perfect business boat trip in the Algarve.

Algarve Luxury Yacht Weddings

Special marriage proposal boat trip in the Algarve, we have gorgeous spots that will provide the perfect moment for your marriage proposal . Algarve Luxury Yacht Wedding Services provides the best Luxury Yacht Charter Wedding services venue on the water on your special day with family and friends in Quinta Do Lago , Vale Do Lobo in the Algarve.

Algarve Yacht Birthday Cruises

Algarve Birthday Boat Cruise – Best Birthday Ideas On A Boat. Charter a yacht to celebrate your birthday in the Algarve. Organise a birthday celebration with Champagne Cruises for yourself or surprise someone close to you.

Atlantis Luxury Yacht Charter

Atlantis is a high-end performance Luxury Yacht Charter that will cruise in the seas of the Atlantis Ocean among the Breathtaking views of the Algarve Coastline!

Bespoke Boat Tours Algarve

Bespoke Boat Tours – Book A Unique Boat Rental In Algarve. Welcome to Bespoke Boat Charter Tours Algarve. At Champagne Cruises Vilamoura we offer a range of unique boat rentals in the Algarve. Exhilarating Bespoke Algarve Boat Tours. We invite you to choose one of our Champagne Cruises Bespoke Luxury Boat Tours from Vilamoura Marina, Algarve.

Classic Luxury Boats Algarve

Join us onboard one of our Classic Algarve Yacht Charters as we show you the Algarve in style! Choose from our selection of the finest Classic Yacht Charters! Algarve Yacht Charter – Classic Luxury Yacht Charters. Classic Luxury Boats Algarve can offer you the best luxury boat trip ideas in the Algarve.

Luxury Boats Algarve Contacts & Reservations

For more information about our private luxury yacht charters, boat rentals, special events or other services, please complete this simple but helpful from below to best help us with your interest.

Fairline Targa Boat Cruise

Our Fairline Targa Boat Cruise is the perfect size for comfort and exploring a wonderful day out in the sunny Algarve waters!

Hen Private Boat Cruise

Hen Party Private Boat Cruise – Boat Trip Hen Do Algarve . Come on girls get your sea legs on and join us on a private party boat for a fun-filled cruise in the sun with all the booze and dancing you can handle.

Luxury Boats Algarve

Welcome to Champagne Cruises Luxury Boats Algarve! The best Luxury Boats Charter Cruises provider in the Algarve region!
Check out our Luxury Boats Fleet and Charter Experiences! Family private boat rental in the Algarve. This boat trip is specially intended and designed so all the family will have unforgettable memories of their 2019 Holidays.

Luxury Honeymoon Yacht Charter

Wedding Ideas In The Algarve – Algarve Luxury Yacht Weddings . Algarve luxury yacht weddings services offering the best boat trips for Weddings in the Algarve! Contact us for info on wedding proposals or to charter a yacht for your wedding.

Your journey of a new start in life with your partner is perfectly matched to the ocean on our Luxury Honeymoon Yacht Charter in the sunny Algarve!

Private Speed Boat Hire

For those more adventurous, this private speed boat hire cruise offers the perfect selection of adrenalin! With water skis, inflatables, parasailing and much more!

Stag Private Party Cruises

Stag Private Party Cruises in the Algarve are the best way to Celebrate with your pals on one of our Private Stag Party Cruises in the Algarve!

Sunseeker Luxury Boat Charter

Looking for the perfect Luxury Boat Charter getaway in the Algarve? Our Majestic Sunseeker Luxury Boat Charter is your choice of preference!

     Yacht Charter Frequently Asked Questions

Because your satisfaction is our priority and we look forward to providing the best we have here a selection of the most frequently asked questions regarding luxury yacht charters.


Morning Cruise Yacht Rental Algarve – Boat Trips Vilamoura. Private Luxury Algarve Yacht charter by Champagne Cruises Vilamoura offer boat rentals for intimate or large groups, spend the morning cruising the waters of the Algarve coast.


Affordable Luxury Yacht Charter Algarve . Premier luxury yacht rental Vilamoura, yacht cruises & boat charters in the Algarve. Hire a private luxury boat and get the best rates for afternoon boat trips Algarve


Full Day Algarve Luxury Yacht Charter – All Day Boat Trips. Looking for a full day cruise yacht rental in the Algarve. Experience luxury, immaculate service, serene surroundings and memories to treasure with Champagne Cruises


Sunset Cruise Yacht Rental Algarve – Sunset Boat Trip Algarve. Champagne Cruises Vilamoura invites you to experience the VIP lifestyle onboard a private yacht and watch the beautiful sunset as we cruise along the Algarve waters.


Custom Built Private Yacht Charter Algarve – Luxury Yachts. Vilamoura Luxury Cruises and Private Yacht Charters offer the ultimate in holiday luxury. We will build the perfect day for your very own private voyage along the Algarve coast


Special Low Cost Yacht Rental Vilamoura Algarve – UNBEATABLE PRICES. We have unbeatable Yacht Charters deals, why wait to discover the beautiful Algarve coastline, golden sandy beaches, and turquoise waters. Up to 50% discount Special Offers  


Boat Rental To See The Sea Caves  In Algarve – Best Discounts , Looking for the top things to do in the Algarve. Book a private boat rental to visit the Benagil caves on your private Luxury yacht. THE BEST PRICES IN ALGARVE





Luxury Boats Terms & Conditions

Visit our Terms & Conditions page to find out all you need to know about our services, rates and conditions.

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